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The Texas Tribune

During my engagement fellowship at the The Texas Tribune, I directly managed the Tribune's Instagram, Facebook and Twitter on a daily basis. I regularly produced Twitter threads that received hundreds of retweets, created Instagram stories and FB posts directly for the main accounts and contributed to the daily newsletter.



Along with writing daily posts for Tribune stories, I wrote threads and created Twitter moments on a variety of subjects, including abortion, foster care, and coronavirus testing in Texas. I also contributed to live coverage of The Texas Tribune Festival in fall 2019. You can find more posts here.

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On Instagram, I experimented with different templates to share quotes and headlines from daily articles on Texas politics and policies. During my fellowship, I regularly created Instagram stories and received high engagement on posts about elections, higher education news and state politics. You can find more posts here



The Texas Tribune

While running the Twitter and Instagram, I also managed the Tribune's presence on Facebook. During the 2020 primary election night, I ran the Tribune's Facebook account and fostered discussion in the organization's Facebook group, This is Your Texas. You can find more posts here

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