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The Daily Texan

As the social media editor, newsletters editor, engagement editor and director of digital strategy at The Daily Texan, I launched multiple projects and edited all of the organization's digital and multimedia products. In spring 2020, I also oversaw the digital team during the Texan's temporary transition from a daily print publication to an online-only news organization during the coronavirus pandemic.

Social Media

Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

I specialized in growing the Texan's Twitter presence, where I led our digital coverage of the 2020 primaries and the COVID-19 pandemic. I also directed a redesign of our Instagram posts, which contributed to a 15% growth in followers in one semester.


Facebook Groups

Hooked, In Session and Raising Voices

In spring 2019, I was tapped to be the Texan's first engagement editor, where I was heavily involved with the launch of Facebook groups focused on campus news, DEI and state politics. I ran the three Facebook groups and grew them to a combined total membership from zero to more than 1,500 in one semester.

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Audience Engagement

Curious Campus and Curious Capitol

As the Texan's first engagement reporter, I launched Curious Campus, a series that sought and answered questions from readers. I also launched Curious Capitol, a similar series aimed at questions about the Texas Legislature, and a questionnaire soliciting stories and questions relating to the coronavirus.

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