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Along with reporting breaking news articles and writing social media posts at The Daily Texan, I also have experience sharing the news through audio formats. On these weekly podcasts, I frequently discussed high-profile news stories affecting students.

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In The News

As news editor in fall 2019, I discussed the news on a biweekly podcast. On this episode, we reviewed campus protests, Austin's camping ban and Riverside redevelopment.

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The Price of Getting In

As the primary reporter covering the admissions scandal as it unfolded in spring 2019, I co-hosted a podcast series examining how it affected UT-Austin and other universities.

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The Daily Texan Newscast

In summer and fall 2018, I was a regular guest on the Texan's weekly newscast, where I broke down the latest news about a 2-week homicide trial, crime trends and breaking news.

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